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Report: Special Yogadharana by Swami Yogatmananda

Special Yogadharana conducted by Swami Yogatmananda

Swami Yogatmananda, Minister in-charge of the Vedanta Society of Providence, Rhode Island, conducted a special guided meditation and guest lecture session at San Jose House of the Vedanta Society Berkeley, at 7:30 pm, on Wednesday, February 5, 2020.

More than forty devotees attended this Yogadharana session where Swami Yogatmananda guided devotees to leave all negative vibrations and to feel the vibration of love and consciousness within us. Swami Yogatmananda also urged devotees to meditate with open eyes, in a way to see that the same self exists in all of us. Identifying ourselves with our bodies and minds, the impermanent aspects of ourselves, takes us away from spiritual life, the Swami said.

In a very lively question and answer session, Swami Yogatmananda provided responses to several topics that were posed by devotees. The evening with a guided meditation session, lecture, and discussion was truly a fulfilling experience for all devotees.


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