Founded in 1939 by Swami Ashokananda (Ramakrishna Order, India)

Swami Prasannatmananda (current Swami-in-Charge/ President)

April 8, 2019


Swami Prasannatmananda: Swami-in-Charge

Swami Prasannatmananda is a fully ordained monk of the Ramakrishna Order, India and currently serves as Swami-in-Charge of Vedanta Society Berkeley, California, USA. He received his Sannyasa vows in 1995 from the twelfth President of the Order, Rev. Swami Bhuteshananda. As a monk, Swami Prasannatmananda has been serving numerous centers of the Ramakrishna Order in various capacities, primarily in the field of instruction, educational initiatives, research projects, as well as performing administrative duties. In India, he served at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira College, Ranchi, Morabadi, and at the Institute of Culture, Golpark, Kolkata. Swami Prasannatmananda came to the United States in 2011 as Assistant Swami at the Berkeley Center and assumed its leadership in 2014

Swami Prasannatmananda’s years of service are dedicated to spiritual practice, religious worship, scriptural studies, delivering lectures, counseling, writing articles and conducting congregational prayer and meditation. He conducts spiritual discourses and theological lectures on a regular basis and participates in invited talks, conferences, and interfaith seminars. He offers classes and lectures on a variety of philosophical topics, some of them at esteemed institutions such as Hindu Studies, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, UC Berkeley, Dominican School of Religions, Pacific School of Religions, Stanford University, Parliament of World Religions etc. He was interviewed by several radio and TV programs by various channels like ‘The Yoga Hour of Unity’, Stanford 90.1 FM, and IND TV. He authored articles on eastern philosophy and religion, such as ‘Swami Vivekananda’s Views on Buddhist Monasticism’, ‘Role of Spirituality in Health’ and ‘The Great Women in Hindu Scriptures and Holy Mother’ etc.

Swami Prasannatmananda will be glad to confer with those who are interested in knowing more about Vedanta or with those who want to discuss their individual spiritual interests. He welcomes one-on-one meetings, interviews, or group sessions by appointment through email at or by phone at # (510) 848-8862. 

Vedanta Society Berkeley
2455 Bowditch Street, Berkeley, CA, 94704

We have five annual Puja
Sri Ramakrishna’s birthday
Sri Ma Sarada Devi’s Birthday
Swami Vivekananda’s Birthday
Sri Sri Durga Puja

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Entire Puja event
Flowers and garland
Food for offering (Naivedya)
Dinner for devotees (Prasad)

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